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MOH: Ministry of Health and Quality of life

The Ministry operates under the portfolio of the Minister of Health and Quality of Life.

The functions of the Ministry are:

  • To develop a comprehensive health service in order to meet the health needs of the population;
  • To investigate the influence of physical environment and psychosocial domestic factors on the incidence of human diseases and disability;
  • To plan and carry out measures for the promotion of health;
  • To institute and maintain measures for the prevention of diseases including the epidemiological surveillance of important communicable diseases;
  • To provide facilities for the treatment of diseases, including mental disease by maintenance of hospital and dispensary services;
  • To make provisions for the rehabilitation of the disabled;
  • To control the practice of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy;
  • To provide facilities for the training of Nursing Officers, Midwives, ancillary hospital and laboratory staff and Health Inspectors;
  • To advise local government authorities regarding their health services and to inspect those services;
  • To prepare and publish reports and statistical data and other information relating to health;
  • To implement a Family Planning, Maternal and Child Health Programme; and
  • To initiate and conduct operational bio-medical health studies of diseases of major importance in the country.
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The Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research’s vision is to create the next generation of forward-looking and innovative leaders contributing to the transformation of the Republic of Mauritius into a high ranking, prosperous nation. Its mission is to re-engineer the education and skills development system to construct a cohesive, inclusive and productive society, foster a holistic education that makes of learners upholders of values and resilient, globally-minded citizens, create an enabling environment for a higher education system that both generates and equips learners with innovative, cutting edge knowledge and deep skills for increased competence in a dynamic work environment.

It also aims to sustain existing and motivating conditions towards the recognition of   Mauritius as a major regional and Continental Education Hub.

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MIH –Mauritius Institute of Health

The Mauritius Institute of Health (MIH) is an agency of the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life. It serves as the training and research arm of the ministry.

The Mauritius Institute of Health aspires to respond to the needs of society through the excellence of its training programmes and through the provision of good quality operational research for health. These are carried out in co-operation with governmental, parastatal and international organisations, institutions and agencies.To succeed as an academic centre, it strives to provide outstanding educational programmes to train our health professionals to serve patients and society to-day and to-morrow. It responds to all health systems research needs of the country to provide information to guide policy and strengthen health action with the aim of improving the health of the population.

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The Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB) is a first-rate francophone post-secondary learning institution. It brings together five campuses located in Bathurst, Campbellton, Dieppe, Edmundston and the Acadian Peninsula. Each campus provides high quality educational services and training, and values the importance of a skilled, well-trained workforce that responds to changing job demands.

While the CCNB offers the vast majority of its programs and services in French, most campuses also deliver a number of programs in the English language. The Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick offers training in a wide variety of programs and courses in sectors such as business, health, computer science and more.

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HTMi is an international, privately owned and operated, education and training institute that provides Hospitality focused management development courses to meet the needs of the global hospitality and tourism industry. The demand for these courses largely depends upon the ever-growing employment opportunities in tourism, hotels and related industries in these countries and countries offering employment opportunities to international students. A high level recognition in 2017 came from the prestigious QS Global Hotel School rankings that acknowledge HTMi to be at 14 out of the top 50 hotel schools in the world. HTMi has partnership with hotels such as Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Hilton Worldwide, Marriott Hotel & Resorts, Radison SAS Hotels & Resorts, The Ritz- Carlton Hotel Company, Sheraton Hotel & Resorts and many more.

HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland prepares students for a management career in the global hospitality industry.

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Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company with headquarters in Redmond, Washington. It develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer softwareconsumer electronicspersonal computers, and services. Its best known software products are the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, the Microsoft Office suite, and the Internet Explorer and Edgeweb browsers. As of 2016, it is the world's largest software maker by revenue, and one of the world's most valuable companies.

Microsoft Indian Ocean Islands Ltd is a company which is organized for the purpose of marketing, consulting, training, providing technical support and software to public and private institutions & Corporations and marketing support to distributors, resellers and local solution providers of Microsoft Corporation.

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